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Breakthrough Bearst Cancer

In 1995 I lost a close friend and client to Breast Cancer, aged just 40, and it shocked me. I had an idea to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in her memory.  I decided on a retrospective exhibition around my clients in Gloucestershire, celebrating 10 successful years in business in the Cotswolds.  Choosing garments which would best represent the decade from 1987 to 1997, I approached clients to see if they would let me borrow them for the exhibition.

By June 1997, following much planning and wonderful support from my clients from Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and beyond, my event to fundraise for Breakthrough Breast Cancer was ready to go. Celebrating a successful decade as a Bespoke Dressmaker originating in Gloucestershire was an excuse to get everyone together.  The event was generously hosted by a longstanding client who was known to everyone, so I knew it would be well attended.

To help maximise donations for the charity I needed good raffle prizes- ones that my clients would definitely want to win. I approached Joel's with this in mind and they provided me with a generous gift voucher as the top raffle prize for the event. The lucky prize winner headed straight for Joel's, spent 5 times the vouchers value, and kept me happy with Versace fabrics for quite a few weeks!

The exhibition was enjoyed by all who attended, connecting me with former and current clients and networking with new ones. But most importantly the evening was successful as a fundraiser because Breast Cancer had also closely or personally affected many clients and friends who attended the event.

A Big Thank-you to all my clients, friends and donors

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